SHLP001 – Midnight Walkers – Stand High Patrol


After several releases on 7 and 12inch, Stand High Patrol, the french crew of Pupajim, Rootystep and the legendary Mac gyva is back with a long awaited LP. With strictly brand new killer dubadub, digital and hip hop tracks including crazy echos, “Midnight Walkers” is totally unique! It contains all elements of a Stand High live session and offers an evolving dubadub. With the crazy voice of Pupajim and totally timeless dubs, the first album of the three “dubadub musketeerz” deals with the particular originality that made of Stand High Patrol one of the toughest dub sound system of France. Every bass addict and every dub fan should enter the Stand High experience. If you are ready, fasten your seat belt and run the track! We hope that you will enjoy the flight!


all tracks recorded at the donjon studio (Brest) , mastering at dubplate and mastering (Berlin) by CGB1; all tracks composed by pupajim, mac gyver and rootystep, all vocals by pupajim

Midnight Walkers / Vinyl TRACK LIST :
1. Commando
2. Brest bay
3. Boat people
4. Home made
5. Entertainer
1. The big tree
2. Dub it
3. Holiday today
4. Automatic attack

Midnight Walkers / CD TRACK LIST :

1. Commando
2. Brest bay
3. Boat people
4.The bar
5. Midnight walkers
6. Entertainer
7. Muskateer sword
8. The big three
9. Home made
10. Dub it
11. Holiday today
12. Speaker box
13. Automatic attack