MPLP001 – Summer On Mars Marina P & Stand High Patrol


With the release of « Summer On Mars » the dubadub musketeerz and the Italian singer concretize several years of live collaboration. As a long standing project this new LP testifies to the strong links that unite them as much as their common desire to explore new horizons.

« Summer On Mars » relates to the sound of the nineties and is influenced by the distinctive rich musical heritage of Bristol. The album showcases Dub and Future Soul aesthetics. Its hybrid nature is built with early Techno instrumentals, G-Funk sounds, Hip-hop beats, soulful vocals and a large range of dub effects. A singular combination culminating in a captivating and poetic atmosphere. Over the nine tracks of the album Marina P reveals herself with lyrics relating to the condition of the individual, our mistakes and doubts, our place in the heart of society and the universe as a whole. Her verses invite us to rethink what it means to be human and to adopt a new perspective on the systems that rule our lives.

« Summer On Mars » takes us far from what we until now knew about Stand High Patrol & Marina P. Accomplices for ten years, they now offer us a unique album carried by a shared taste for experimentation


New ALbum – LP / CD / MP3 / WAV / K7
Available : November 9, 2018
Label : Stand High Records
Distrib : Differ-ant / the Orchard
Artwork : Kazy Usclef


1 – Working Class
2 – Atmosphere
3 – Landlord
4 – Fragile
5 – Spring Rain
6 – Dreamcatcher
7 – Raw Lines
8 – Summer On Mars
9 – Rosetta

All tracks composed by Pupajim, except track 5 Composed by Pupajim and Merry
All tracks written by Marina P, except track 6 written by Marina P and Pupajim All tracks arranged by Pupajim and Marina P
Horns by Meriadeg Guillanton aka Merry on track 5
Effects by Mac Gyver on all tracks

All beats made at the Donjon Studio
All vocals recorded at Homeys Studio except track 1 and 6 recorded at the Donjon Studio
All tracks mixed by Claude Samnick Bidima, Rootystep and Mac Gyver at Lagos Road Studio
All tracks mastered by A.P/GS Mastering & Post
Artwork by Kazyusclef